Our Story: Rachel Brenke

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Rachel Brenke is accomplished entrepreneur, photographer, business consultant, and compelling (and highly sought after) speaker. And on top of all that she’s an attorney. And on top of all THAT, she has five awesome kids and a cool husband. So how did she get to where she is today? In the Connors Law Our Story blog series, I’ll ask our attorneys how they got here and what they would say to someone who has similar aspirations.


Abigail Hammack: Where did you grow up?

Rachel Brenke: I was military dependent – ranging from born in Texas, to North Carolina, Alabama, Arizona, California, England, Italy and Germany then finishing in Virginia.

AH: Where did you do your undergraduate/graduate education, and what was your experience like?

RB:  I went to University of Texas for undergraduate then Liberty University for my masters, MBA and law degree. I enjoyed school and very much miss it!

AH: What brought you to Fredericksburg?

RB:  My parents live close by and we wanted to raise our family near them.

AH: What do you like to do in your free time?

RB:  Train and compete in Ironmans

AH: Tell us about your family.

RB:  My husband is an army veteran. We have five kids and two rescue dogs

AH: How would you describe your life before you were an attorney?

RB:   I was a government contractor and student.  I was lacking the challenge I knew I could rise to – and law school then becoming an attorney in multiple states has done that.

AH: When, how, and why did you decide to go to Law School?

RB:  I’ve always want to fight injustices and help people – this seemed like a good way to do something that is greatly needed.  

AH: How did you choose which law school to attend?

RB:  I wanted a faith-based institution near my parents.

AH: What is the hardest part about being an attorney?

RB:  Sometimes the law isn’t on your side and have to tell your client that their results or desires aren’t going to be met.

AH: What is the best part about being an attorney?

RB:  Helping to preserve the livelihood that many small business owners have worked to build their businesses and support their families.

AH: What do you look forward to regarding your law practice?

RB:   I look forward to helping more small business owners to grow to a successful and sustainable level for a higher quality of life for them and their families.

AH: What would you tell someone who wants to become an attorney?

RB:  Make sure you love it- it is a lot of work and not for everyone.  But if it is for you – do it with the right heart.

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