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Our firm focuses on business and commercial law, helping business from start to finish with all of their legal needs. We have helped our clients form legal entities, draft contracts, apply for professional licensing, and much more. We work with our business clients to evaluate business processes, to monitor potential legal liability, and to reduce legal risks.

  • Business formation. We can help shield your assets and protect you from personal liability by forming a Virginia limited liability company (LLC) or Virginia corporation through which you can operate your business.
  • Employment policies. We help businesses craft appropriate written policies and employment packets, identify independent contractor relationships, and prepare non-compete, non-solicitation, and nondisclosure agreements for their employees.
  • Corporate agreements and documentation. We help business entities organize their internal affairs by drafting operating agreements, shareholder agreements, and corporate bylaws. We also provide corporate counsel for the internal functions of your business.
  • General liability defense. You can focus on your business while we focus on reducing your legal liability. We counsel and defend businesses on general liability, including premises liability, employee claims, and other legal liability issues businesses face.
  • Contracts. Our firm regularly reviews, drafts, negotiates, and defends contracts of all kinds. Learn more on our contract law practice page.
  • Intellectual property. We have years of experience identifying, registering, protecting, and licensing the valuable copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets owned by businesses. Learn more on our intellectual property practice page.
  • Business disputes. Planning minimizes the risks of litigation, but we are prepared to go to court to protect our clients’ interests, if necessary.  Learn more on our litigation practice page.
  • Buying or selling a business. We have experience assisting clients with the purchase and sale of a business. We also help businesses plan for a future sale that serves as the founder’s means of exit.
  • Professional licensing. We have helped professionals of all kinds obtain, maintain, and comply with professional licensing requirements of the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR).

We help business of all kinds in the Commonwealth of Virginia, including technology firms, software companies, internet-based businesses, restaurants, retail shops, agricultural businesses, auto shops, and much more.

If you have a legal problem in your business, we are available.