A Year in Review: 2016 Connors Law Community Involvement

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Since we opened in July of 2016, Connors Law has focused on becoming an integral part of the local and legal community through a series of speaking engagements and community programs.  Our principal attorney, Andrew Connors, takes pride in educating others about the law, including especially protecting the legal rights of individuals and businesses.  This year, Connors Law has lead programs about the First Amendment and religious liberties, contract litigation, intellectual property licensing, and use of technology in the practice of law.  Connors Law believes participation in these programs serve as a way to help other lawyers improve their practices and to help community members better understand their legal rights. Here we look back on some of the highlights of those programs.


Virginia Trial Lawyers Association: Building a Successful Law Firm

Case Management Software, On the Go: Web-Based Solutions 

In this seminar for Continuing Legal Education credit, Mr. Connors spoke about learning to manage a law office through online case management software, including Clio, the software we use at Connors Law. He also discussed Rocket Matter, MyCase, and other software that firms can use to manage cases, improving efficiency and client satisfaction in the process.

National Business Institute

Business Contracts A-Z 

Mr. Connors discussed intellectual property licensing and contract litigation issues as a part of the National Business Institute’s continuing legal education course in Roanoke, Virginia.  If you are a Virginia attorney looking for CLE credit, you can listen to a recording of this presentation for credit at the NBI website.

Northstar Church: Saturday Seminary

First Amendment Protections for Sharing and Exercising Your Christian Faith

As a part of Northstar Church’s Saturday Seminary series, Mr. Connors spoke about legal protections and First Amendment rights for sharing and expressing the church members’ Christian faith.  This lively discussion included great questions from several campus ministers with Campus Crusade for Christ at Virginia Tech, as well as Virginia Tech professors and other Blacksburg community members.

Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce

2016 New River Valley LeadershipPublic Safety & Government

In this fall program with local Montgomery County business leaders, Mr. Connors facilitated a tour of the Montgomery County courthouse along with other lessons about the judicial system.  This included a discussion with Commonwealth’s Attorney Mary Pettitt about the role of prosecution and defense counsel.  With the help of Ms. Pettitt, the class was also able to observe several cases in Montgomery County General District Court. Finally, the class heard from a long-serving Circuit Court judge, the Honorable Marcus H. Long, Jr., about the need for a drug court in Montgomery County. Mr. Connors is a 2013 graduate of the Leadership New River Valley program.


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